The world’s greatest physicists in a picture

The world’s greatest physicists in a picture

Toward bright spark; The Fifth Solvay Conference, held in October 1927 in Brussels, Belgium, hosted the greatest physicists of the time, and the group photo of these physicists, became the most famous photograph in the world of physics.

This image, which has always been seen in black and white, has just been painted. The people in this photo are from right to left:

Third row (standing): Leon Brillouin – Ralph Fowler – Werner Heisenberg (Nobel Prize in Physics 1932/1311) – Wolfgang Pauli (Nobel Prize in Physics 1945/1324) – Jules Emile Vershaflet – Erwin Schrödinger (Nobel Prize in Physics 1933/1312) Herzen – Paul Ehrenfest – Emile Henriott – August Picard.

Second row: Niels Bohr (Nobel Prize in Physics 1922/1301) – Max Bourne (Nobel Prize in Physics 1954/1333) – Louis Debroglie (Nobel Prize in Physics 1929/1308) – Arthur Compton (Nobel Prize in Physics 1927/1306) – Paul Dirac (Nobel Prize in Physics 1933) 1312) – Henrik Kramers – William Bragg (Nobel Prize in Physics 1915/1294) – Martin Knudsen – Peter Debbie (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1936/1315).

First row: Owen Richardson (Nobel Prize in Physics 1928/1307) – Charles Wilson (Nobel Prize in Physics 1927/1306) – Charles Goy – Paul Langwein – Albert Einstein (Nobel Prize in Physics 1921/1300) – Henrik Lorentz (Nobel Prize in Physics 1902/12) Curry (Nobel Prize in Physics 1903/1282 and Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1911/1290) – Max Planck (Nobel Prize in Physics 1918/1297) – Irving Langmuir (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1932/1311).

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