The Iranian researcher won the Newton Gold Medal

The Iranian researcher won the Newton Gold Medal

Toward bright spark; The British Institute of Physics (IOP) has awarded the Isaac Newton Medal in 2020 to Professor Nader Enqetaa from the University of Pennsylvania.

He has won the award for pioneering innovations and creative transformation aids in the complex electromagnetic and optical materials at the nanoscale, as well as the development of near-zero index materials and analog computing and optical nanocircuits.

Nader Enqetaa is an Iranian researcher who has conducted progressive research in the fields of metamaterials, optical developments, nanophotonics, graphene photonics, nanomaterials, nano antennas and miniature antennas, physics, etc. He received his bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Tehran, and his PhD from Caltech University in the United States.

The Isaac Newton Medal and Prize includes a gold medal plus the ‌ 1,000 pounds awarded annually by the Institute of Physics to top physicists. The first Isaac Newton Medal was awarded in 2008 to Anton Zillinger.

Nader is currently a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to receiving the Isaac Newton Medal, he also won the 2020 Max Bourne Award. He has received this award for leading contributions to the field of optical materials.

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