Average acceleration …

Average acceleration …

Toward bright spark; The average acceleration can be defined as below:

The ratio of the velocity vector change to the time spent on this change. The unit of average acceleration in SI is m/s2:

\vec{a_{avg}}=\frac{\Delta \vec{v}}{\Delta t}=\frac{\vec{v_{2}}-\vec{v_{1}}}{t_{2}-t_{1}}

For instance, in the following figure the body undergoes acceleration because the velocity vector is changing:

It should be noted that the above figure is about a two-dimensional movement which is beyond the scope of the current chapter.


  1. Acceleration is non-zero when the velocity vector changes. To produce acceleration the velocity vector should change due to one of the following reasons:
  • The magnitude of the velocity vector (speed) changes.
  • The direction of the velocity vector changes.
  • Both the magnitude and direction of the velocity vector change.

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