Astronauts experience New Year delivery 16 times!

Astronauts experience New Year delivery 16 times!

Toward bright spark; Astronauts on the International Space Station experience New Year’s delivery several times as much as Earth; For the first time at 1 pm Central European time and several more times after that.

Russian astronaut Sergei Surchkov, who lives on the International Space Station, tweeted that astronauts on the station are celebrating 16 New Year’s deliveries this year.

The International Space Station is located in orbit at an average altitude of about 400 km above the Earth. The height of the station varies from the ground and is usually adjusted using special motors.

The space station also orbits the Earth at a speed of about 27,000 kilometers per hour. The number of these rotations is once every 90 minutes, which is 16 times in 24 hours.

This year, the first delivery of the year took place for astronauts stationed at the station at 13:00 CET At this point, the space station was 400 km above the earth and above the Russian peninsula of Kamchatka.

According to the Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos), the astronauts of the space station celebrated the arrival of 2021 around a table on which a caviar sandwich was placed. They also gave each other presents on the occasion of the New Year.

The International Space Station, which is nearly 20 years old, currently has seven passengers.

The two Russian passengers of the space station congratulated their compatriots and compatriots on Earth with a video message of the New Year.

“2020 was a test year for our planet, Earth,” said Sergei Rishkov, one of two Russian astronauts. “It has also been proven that when humanity unites in the struggle for what is important to all of us, life, no pandemic can resist it,” the Russian astronaut said in his message.


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