10 Examples of Inertia in Daily Life

10 Examples of Inertia in Daily Life

Inertia is a concept in Physics that is defined as the tendency of an object to resist a change in its motion. In other words, Inertia acts as a resistance to any change in the velocity of any physical object.



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1. Satellites

A satellite is an object in space that circles or moves around a larger object. Do you know how it keeps moving around the bigger object without getting stopped? It’s due to the inertia of motion, which keeps it moving in a circular motion.

2. Falling of fruits and leaves

Have you ever wondered why the fruits or leaves fall down when the branches of a tree are shaken? It’s due to the inertia of rest. Before shaking, the branch is at rest, but when the tree is shaken, the branch starts moving, whereas the fruits and the leaves remain in their initial state of rest. Thus, they fall down.

3. Dusting a carpet

Do you know what makes the dust particles fall off the carpet? It’s all due to the magic of inertia. When you beat the carpet with a stick, the carpet starts moving but the dust particles in it remain in their initial state of inertia of rest.  The repeated beating of the carpet causes the dust particles to drop, thus, giving you a clean carpet.

4. Falling forward while getting down from a moving bus

Have you ever tried getting down from a moving bus? Well, if you have then you must know the result, but did you ever wonder why you fall forward and not backward? This is again due to the inertia of motion. When a passenger gets down from a moving bus, their upper body is still in motion, and when it comes in contact with the ground which is at rest, their body topples forward due to the inertia of motion.

5.The continued swirling of milk after the stirring is stopped

Ever noticed the continued swirling of milk even after you have stopped stirring a spoonful of sugar or cocoa in your milk? Magic, isn’t it? It would not be wrong to say that it is due to the magic of inertia of motion, which keeps the milk moving inside the glass.

6. Running of an athlete before taking a long jump

You must have seen athletes running before taking a long jump but have you ever pondered on why they do so? Well, they do it to bring themselves in the inertia of motion from the inertia of rest. It makes it easier for them to take a long jump. Isn’t it fascinating?

7. An object thrown outside a moving train

Have you ever noticed why an object, when thrown outside a moving train, moves in the opposite direction and with an equal velocity to that of the train? Well, it’s again due to the concept of the inertia of rest.

8. Driving along a curved road

While driving along a curved road, you must have felt like you are flying out of the car. It’s because of the inertia of direction, which tends to keep your motion in a straight line.

9. Falling of a coin into the glass

You must have experienced this trick of putting a coin into the glass without actually touching it. It happens because when you suddenly pull the cardboard on which the coin is placed, it falls into the glass as it tends to remain in the state of rest.

10. Seat belts

Well, car seat belts are there to keep you safe during an accident. It acts as an external force to keep your body intact when your vehicle collides with any external object. In this case, the upper part of your body, which is in the state of motion, tries to move forward due to the inertia of motion, but the seat belt comes into your rescue and cancels the effect of inertia.


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