Teachers Are Engaged In App Now! Share Your First Course!
Create Your First Quiz For Your Students Now!
Learn Physics And Science In A Smart For Free!

Teachers Are Engaged In App Now! Share Your First Course!
Create Your First Quiz For Your Students Now!
Learn Physics And Science In A Smart For Free!

Download Bright Spark App And Start Learning Physics For Free Now!

Make progress in small steps

Bright Spark team has developed the Physics Spark App based on micro learning and need-to-know learning strategies.

Have fun while learning physics

One of the most interesting features of Physics Spark App is that fun and practical themes run through most of the content.

Find your rank in the world

Learners can compete with one another based on the scores they gain through exercises.

Shape the App as you wish

We are committed to including our users’ standpoints and feedbacks in all parts of the App. So, we have decided to grow the content chapter by chapter.

Learn physics through examples

Another interesting feature of the Physics Spark App is that our developer team adopted the example-based learning strategy.

Set Quizzes For Your Students For Free

You can easily set quizzes for your students using Bright Spark dashboard in teacher section and engaged your students.

We are a group of experts including a university professor and physics and mathematics teachers with more than 25 years experiences in education and pedagogy and also engineers to give IT technical support. We have developed a new effective methodology to enable students in applying their knowledge to solve very complex problems in physics and mathematics like a bright spark does.
Bright Spark app is a new free platform to bring the teachers and the learners together. Using Bright Spark App, the teachers can gather the relevant learners from all over the world and interact with them. They can share their teaching materials including their tutorial, examples, exercises, and even their ideas with the targeted learners.
Learners have the opportunity to find many learning materials in different subjects to expand their knowledge within the desired subject. They can find the chance to solve many exercises. If you liked an exercise or tutorial from a specific tutor you can keep in touch with that tutor by the App and see more learning materials from that teacher. It is very easy and handy. Just click on their profile to connect to their social media or any legal link. Currently, we cover the sciences like physics. In near future, we will add a huge number of courses to cover a wide range of learning subjects.You can download the App for free to use all its services.

Our vision is to supply an instructional App creating the most stimulating and motivating learning atmosphere for all students who wants to learn physics, but they encounter different types of problem in the way.
Our mission is to use a variety of the most effective types of teaching and learning strategies and pedagogies to retain motivation of students and help them resolve their problems in learning process. We are developing the App chapter by chapter to shape the App based on your comments and feedbacks.
Our goal is to make physics learning easy for all students, esp. the ones who cannot afford to pay for a tutor or commercial App.
Please help all students all over the world by providing us with your feedbacks and comments about different components of Physics Spark App.

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